We Care, We Love, We Share…  Sunday Service  Date: 24th July 2016                                          Minister In Charged: Engr, James Jatto

Today’s Topic: Resting with the Finished work of Christ… Text: 1King 3:7, Philippians 3:10

Key Points:

  • Every part of our body, only one thing need to find Rest…your HEART.

  • What you see, what you Hear, What you Say…these are the three major doors, that lead to your heart..

  • If you can control your Heart, you can control your Life…

  • You will be desire to become what you want, by what you hear, what you see, and what you Say.

  • What it takes to Rest is not to seek after your own self, but to seek after what is right in the sight of God

  • To Impact your generation, you have to love your generation

  • What it takes to rest, is not to condemn humanity

  • One thing that cripple Africa, They run after ambition not purpose

  • Apart from anointing there is a reason for you to build your skills

  • To be relevant in life get revelation

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July-15-2016 King’s Ministers Network


About King’s Ministers Network

Kings Minister network is a monthly base life transforming Seminar about Leadership, Intercessory Prayer for Breakthrough in Ministry, and Impacting of Excellent Spirit in Ministry with Supernatural Power of the Holy ghost…KCIC.

Topic: The spirit of Revival

Minister in Charge: Engr. James Jatto,Text: Psalm 19, Isaiah 57:15. 

INTRODUCTION: The Spirit of Revival is refer to Holy Spirit. For us to be Spiritually revived we need to seek more of God’s spirit counsel of the holy spirit. The spirit of revival tells you the things to come

To be relevant in life, we need to seek for the spirit of revival. If Leaders fail, don’t talk about followers. The Holy spirit Speaks in different dimension, so don’t expect him in one way.

rrf.jpgWhat hinders the Holy Spirit 

  • A critical spirit (Spirit that find fault)
  • Spirit of fear
  • Self opinion
  • The Spirit of Revers
  • Self planning
  • Having limited view of God’s power
  • Test of Obedience
  • unwillingness to go beyond others
  • Spirit that refuse to listen to the voice of yesterday, and today and only see human appearance, but rather press the holy spirit.


What stop the Holy Spirit from Spiritual Revival

  • Human doctrine / Self doctrine
  • Self Glorification


What makes the Holy Spirit Flow

  • Undiluted word of the Holy Spirit 

Don’t just listen to holy spirit but do it by taking action… we believe you are bless by theses wonderful message from the throne of Grace… Just drop a comment and like our website @


Getting Financial Rest!


by Pst James Jatto.

Matthew 10:5-8(NIV)

A believer is either poor or sick.This is determined by the kind of good news we accept, believe or accept.If you find yourself in one position,check your good news. Following up the scriptural text,Jesus Christ didn’t command them to go and impart the poor to get rich,because he knows that to be rich or wealthy is determined by some ‘KINGDOM PRINCIPLES’.

To have rest financially you need to imitate some group of believers who Jesus Christ himself recommended.Which are the MACEDONIA CHURCH

(2Chorinthians 8:1-2)

In the christian dictionary,there is nothing like  ‘ i don’t have’. Despite the  poverty of the Macedonian church,they still hold God.


1)Faithfulness in Tithe

2)Sacrificial Offerings

3)Servicing the Widows (Act9:39)

4)Taking care of the less Privileged (Act4:34)

5)Supporting Kingdom Advancement

About King’s City

Kings-city church Ilorin Kwara state exist to deliver people’s destiny from the attack of the devil as contained in the old and new testament of the bible.This vision is not restricted to the church alone but to Nigeria,Africa and the rest of the world.

Our ministry is inspired by the Holy spirit,confirmed by the Holy spirit and nourished by his word as expressed in the bible.

At Kings-city we recognize that the foundation of true greatness is embedded in the love of God and his kingdom, Our ministers are renewed for their excellent character, scene of purpose, demonstration of the power of God and their material property.

we are guided by the great commandment, which is to love God and our neighbors, we are passionately committed to spreading the message of the saving grace in Jesus Christ, which is the greatest commission.

we are building a kingdom minded and destiny focused church, a church on a mission to draw men and woman, young and old to God and to raise a generation of leaders committed in delivering destinies, our nation and the word we live in.

Our Purpose: Delivering Destinies

Our Vision: Teaching men and woman, young and old to give eloquent expression to supernatural life

Our Brand Vision: To rep Jesus Christ

Our Guiding Principle: A greatest commitment to the great commandment and the great commission.

Founding Scriptures: Jeremiah 33, 1peter 2:9, and Isaiah 49:5-6.