July-15-2016 King’s Ministers Network


About King’s Ministers Network

Kings Minister network is a monthly base life transforming Seminar about Leadership, Intercessory Prayer for Breakthrough in Ministry, and Impacting of Excellent Spirit in Ministry with Supernatural Power of the Holy ghost…KCIC.

Topic: The spirit of Revival

Minister in Charge: Engr. James Jatto,Text: Psalm 19, Isaiah 57:15. 

INTRODUCTION: The Spirit of Revival is refer to Holy Spirit. For us to be Spiritually revived we need to seek more of God’s spirit counsel of the holy spirit. The spirit of revival tells you the things to come

To be relevant in life, we need to seek for the spirit of revival. If Leaders fail, don’t talk about followers. The Holy spirit Speaks in different dimension, so don’t expect him in one way.

rrf.jpgWhat hinders the Holy Spirit 

  • A critical spirit (Spirit that find fault)
  • Spirit of fear
  • Self opinion
  • The Spirit of Revers
  • Self planning
  • Having limited view of God’s power
  • Test of Obedience
  • unwillingness to go beyond others
  • Spirit that refuse to listen to the voice of yesterday, and today and only see human appearance, but rather press the holy spirit.


What stop the Holy Spirit from Spiritual Revival

  • Human doctrine / Self doctrine
  • Self Glorification


What makes the Holy Spirit Flow

  • Undiluted word of the Holy Spirit 

Don’t just listen to holy spirit but do it by taking action… we believe you are bless by theses wonderful message from the throne of Grace… Just drop a comment and like our website @ http://www.kcic.wordpress.com.



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