Getting Financial Rest!


by Pst James Jatto.

Matthew 10:5-8(NIV)

A believer is either poor or sick.This is determined by the kind of good news we accept, believe or accept.If you find yourself in one position,check your good news. Following up the scriptural text,Jesus Christ didn’t command them to go and impart the poor to get rich,because he knows that to be rich or wealthy is determined by some ‘KINGDOM PRINCIPLES’.

To have rest financially you need to imitate some group of believers who Jesus Christ himself recommended.Which are the MACEDONIA CHURCH

(2Chorinthians 8:1-2)

In the christian dictionary,there is nothing like  ‘ i don’t have’. Despite the  poverty of the Macedonian church,they still hold God.


1)Faithfulness in Tithe

2)Sacrificial Offerings

3)Servicing the Widows (Act9:39)

4)Taking care of the less Privileged (Act4:34)

5)Supporting Kingdom Advancement


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