About King’s City

Kings-city church Ilorin Kwara state exist to deliver people’s destiny from the attack of the devil as contained in the old and new testament of the bible.This vision is not restricted to the church alone but to Nigeria,Africa and the rest of the world.

Our ministry is inspired by the Holy spirit,confirmed by the Holy spirit and nourished by his word as expressed in the bible.

At Kings-city we recognize that the foundation of true greatness is embedded in the love of God and his kingdom, Our ministers are renewed for their excellent character, scene of purpose, demonstration of the power of God and their material property.

we are guided by the great commandment, which is to love God and our neighbors, we are passionately committed to spreading the message of the saving grace in Jesus Christ, which is the greatest commission.

we are building a kingdom minded and destiny focused church, a church on a mission to draw men and woman, young and old to God and to raise a generation of leaders committed in delivering destinies, our nation and the word we live in.

Our Purpose: Delivering Destinies

Our Vision: Teaching men and woman, young and old to give eloquent expression to supernatural life

Our Brand Vision: To rep Jesus Christ

Our Guiding Principle: A greatest commitment to the great commandment and the great commission.

Founding Scriptures: Jeremiah 33, 1peter 2:9, and Isaiah 49:5-6.  


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